The Finance Department is managed by the Clerk - Treasurer, Kerri Wilson, with the assistance of a Deputy Clerk. This department is responsible for the administration of all clerical and financial procedures of the city.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The cities resourses are accounted for in 13 funds, largest of which are the General Fund, Street Fund, and Utility Fund. Money to run the basic city functions (General Fund) comes from a variety of sources, including: property tax, sales tax, utility tax, permits, fees, grants, state entitlements, fines and interest. General Fund expenses cover police, planning, building inspections, public works, parks, library, finance and administration. The Administration works closely with the City Council.
Detailed information about the city's finances is included in the "Annual Budget", located elsewhere on this web site.

The Clerk - Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining the recorded history of the city. Duties include preparing council agendas and minutes; managing the records of the city; reporting on the receipts, expenditures and fund balances of the city; and preparing the annual report and budgets for the city.


Kerri Wilson

Billing Department

The Deputy Clerk  is responsible for the billing of water, sewer and garbage utilities.

Billing dates: Monthly - on the first day of the month
Delinquent dates: 15 days after billing, with a $15 late fee added to the bill.

For your convenience, there is a drop box located curb side in front of City Hall. It is opened every morning and all payments are processed prior to being assessed or disconnection of service for non-payment.

The Deputy Clerk is also the Museum Coordinator, and is responsible for the care of the new Pateros Museum. Any questions, donations, or persons interested in volunteering should notify her.


Cecilia Arellano
Deputy Clerk / Museum Coordinator

Licenses and Permits

Burn Permits - It is unlawful for any person to burn any rubbish, trash or waste material within the corporate limits of the city or to set any fire therein. A burn permit to burn vegetation may be obtained for a fee of $10.00 annually. No burning after sunset.

Business License - The City of Pateros requires a business license to do business within the city limits. Fees are based on the number of employees and start at $35.00. A temperary vendor license is available for $10.00 for 1 - 5 days.

Claim For Damages - A claim for damages must be filed with the Clerk-Treasurer.

Claims & Vouchers - All claims for services or goods should be submitted to the City of Pateros, POB 8, Pateros, WA 98846

Dog Tags - The city requires ALL dogs to be licenses. The annual fee for a neutered dog is $10.00 and an unaltered dog is $30.00. Registration of potentially dangerous dogs is required. The keeping of any dog which habitually howls, barks, or makes noise is considered a public nuisance. When it is determined that a nuisance exists you will be asked to abate the condition to the satisfaction of the city. Excess animal, 3rd dog plus license is $50.00 It is unlawful to permit any dog to run at large.

Fireworks Stands - A permit is required for a fireworks stand.

Records Request - The city responds to written requests for public records within 5 work days.

Special Events - A Facilities Use Agreement is needed to hold a special event within the city limits.

Yard Sales - Any individual conducting a yard sale shall make a written application to the city clerk at least 2 days prior to the start of the sale. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of $3.00 and shall be required for each separate sale. All signs must be removed the following day.

Vendor Roster - All vendors interested in being placed on the City's Vendor Roster, for contracts and supplies under the cost of $15,000, must complete an application for the Vendor Roster.

Small Works Roster - All contractors interested in being placed on the City's Small Works Roster, for contracts that are expected to cost less than $200,000, must complete an application for the Small Works Roster.


Building Department


The building department is responsible for regulations governing construction on private property. This includes building inspections and plan checking. If you are not sure if a building permit is required, please contact city hall. Building Official, Darren Moore, provides plan check and building inspection services on an as needed schedule.


Darren Moore
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement


Fire Department - For Your Safety

The city has an outstanding  volunteer fire department which includes around 20 volunteers, and 3 EMT's. We are very proud of our dedicated volunteers and are always looking for a few good men and women. Fire practice is held on Thursday nights about 7pm. Newcomers are always welcome.


Law Enforcement







The city contracts with Okanogan County Sheriff's office for police services.

Emergencies - 911
Non emergency - 509-422-7232




City Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for management and coordination of public works, parks, grant writing for all departments including streets and planning for the City of Pateros.                                                      


Jord Wilson, MLA

City Administrator



Plant Operator


The city provides sewer treatment services to most of the residents within the city limits. The treatment plant is located at the north end of Lakeshore Drive adjacent to the Columbia River. In 2000 a $1,241,150 project was completed to update the treatment plant. The city maintains 2 pump stations and a total of 16,175 linear feet of sewer lines, including a force main from Warren Avenue lift station. An Infiltration and Inflow study was done to the sewer lines in 1996 and an extensive relining of the sewer lines was completed in 2008.



Mike Lambert

Plant Operator/Maintenance Technician




The street system was first developed when the city was relocated in 1964 and consists of 4.89 miles of roadway. The majority of the system is bituminous surface treated with gravel shoulders. The city works with a 6 year street plan, and all streets in town get some type of resurfacing on a regular basis.


The existing storm system consists of approximately 5,600 linear feet of drain line varying in size from eight to sixty inches with 34 catch basins and one manhole. The majority of the system was installed in 1964 at the time of the city's relocation. Streets in the lower areas of the city were reconstructed at that time and the new designs provided for storm drainage. All of the storm runoff in these areas discharges to the Columbia or Methow rivers. The older streets in higher areas of the city only have storm drainage in local areas. From inspection of the system layout, it appears that catch basins and storm lines were installed wherever runoff collected and could not be dispersed. The runoff is either discharged to sub-surface gravel drywells or to ditches within city right-of-ways.



Public Works-Water Department

 The Water Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the water utility, city streets, and signs.                                                                                                                                                      


Doug Kirk

Water Department








Public Works-Parks Department

The city maintains approximately eight acres of city parks. This includes Memorial Park, Peninsula Park, Methow Boat Launch Park, Riverside Access Park, and Lake Pateros Winter Boat Launch. The Parks Department is also oversees the City Mall. The City offers tennis courts, basketball hoops, 2 playgrounds, 2 boat launches, walking trails, and swim beach facilities. Overnight parking is available at Memorial Park, on the curb, for $15.00 per night. Memorial park offers free showers and restroom facilities. Dogs may enter City parks as long as they are leashed and picked-up after. 




Justin Carrington

Parks Department


Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection is contracted out to Zippy Disposal Service, Inc. Each May the city revisits its contract.Any increase in the charge for Contractor's service is based on the  prior year's change in the Consumer Price Index All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) US City Average using the December Index for each year. The city charges $2.00 per service per month which is included in the cost of $20.30 per month for a residential 65 gallon toter.