Mayor Council

Serving our Community

The Mission Statement of Pateros reads: "The City of Pateros commits to preserving its heritage, sustaining and enhancing a high quality of life for all its citizens and visitors by developing the community to meet the challenges of the future through creative leadership, responsible service and civic partnership."

We are here to serve our citizens and do the very best we can on a daily basis. To ensure the city government functions smoothly, efficiently and within the limits of our budget. We try to provide the highest level of service including sheriff and fire protection, water and sewer services, garbage services, street and park maintenance, as well as other city services.

We invite you to come and attend our council meetings, usually held the third Monday of each month, or stop into city hall and ask questions.

Mayor Carlene Anders - Term expires 12/31/2021


Carlene Anders







Council member Chantel Poole - Term Expires 12/31/2025

 Chantel grew up in the area and moved back to Pateros after graduating from WWU in 2016. Currently she is working as a lender of commercial & consumer loans, and she is raising five children and two cats with her husband.  Chantel joined City Council because she wanted to become more involved with the city she is proud to call her home.  Chantel serves on the Police, Fire, Health & Safety and Solid Waste & Recycling committees.


 Chantel Poole


Council member Holly Bange- Term Expires 12/31/2025

 Holly Bange has been a resident since the fall of 2014.  Holly is retired and moved to Pateros from the westside of the mountains with her husband, Ron.  “I have a deep love for our new home and want to be more involved.  There are so many exciting and great things happening here in this amazing welcoming town!” Holly serves on the Parks & Streets and the Water & Sewer Committee.



Holly Bange

Council Member Mike Harding- Term Expires 12/31/2023

 Mike served the Coast Guard for twenty three years and then worked as a jailer with the Okanogan County Sheriff's office.    Mike also worked as a security and training supervisor at Grand Coulee Dam. He has always had a desire to serve the community and jumped at the chance to serve on city council. Mike serves on the Finance Committee, Water & Sewer Committee and the Police, Fire, Health & Safety Committee.


Mike Harding


Council Member George Brady - Term Expires 12/31/2023


George Brady

   George retired from the State Department of Fish & Wildlife in 2000 after 30 years.  His entire career he was stationed in the Pateros area.  George has served the City of Pateros for over 14 years as council member and stepped in to serve as Mayor for a year and a half after the Carlton Complex Fire and then returned to serving on council. George Brady is on the Finance Committee, Planning Committee, Solid Waste & Recycling Committee. 

 Council Member Megan Sherrard - Term Expires 12/31/2023


Megan Sherrard

  Megan has been a Pateros resident since 2013.  She is active in the community as a 4H leader, and booster club secretary.  She and her husband rebuilt after losing their home in the Carlton Complex fires and have three small children in the Pateros school district. Megan Sherrard is on the Parks & Streets, Planning Committee.