Mayor Council - Serving our Community


The Mission Statement of Pateros reads: "The City of Pateros commits to preserving its heritage, sustaining and enhancing a high quality of life for all its citizens and visitors by developing the community to meet the challenges of the future through creative leadership, responsible service and civic partnership." 

We are here to serve our citizens and do the very best we can on a daily basis. To ensure the city government functions smoothly, efficiently and within the limits of our budget. We try to provide the highest level of service including sheriff and fire protection, water and sewer services, garbage services, street and park maintenance, as well as other city services.

We invite you to come and attend our council meetings, usually held the third Monday of each month, or stop into city hall and ask questions.

City Council meeting dates for 2014:

January 21 at 6 pm

February 18 at 6 pm

March 17 at 6pm

April 21 at 6 pm

May 19 at 6pm

June 16 at 6 pm

July 21 at 6 pm

August 18 at 6 pm

September 15 at 6 pm

October 20 at 6 pm

November 17 at 6 pm

December 15 at 6 pm

Please call city hall if you would like to be put on the agenda.


Liberty Harrison - Term expires 12/31/2018



Councilmember Christine Perry- Term expires 12/31/2018



Councilmember Adam Fritz- Term expires 12/31/2018



"Hello, I'm Adam Fritz and I've been on the Council since December 2011. I'm a fourth-generation graduate of Pateros High School and have two Bachelors Degrees from Central Washington Univercity. Currently, I own an arcade in downtown Pateros. Come on in and say hi."


Councilmember George Brady- Term expires 12/31/2015



Councilmember Ryan Greene- Term expires 12/31/2015



Councilmember  Alex Hymer- Term expires 12/31/2015