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On behalf  of the City Council and the City Staff, we would like to welcome you to the official website of Pateros. Whether you're a newcomer, a long-time resident, or a visitor, we are delighted to have you here. You will find that Pateros is a great place to live, work, raise your family and spend your retirement years. We pride ourselves on our heritage and our friendly small town atmosphere.


The Pateros Library is a branch of North Central Washington Libraries.  NCW Libraries operates 30 community libraries, and provides service to rural residents through its popular Mail Order Library and two bookmobiles. Only one library card is needed to access the whole system.


Our Pateros Branch offers access to book, audiobooks, DVDs, magazines, book club kits, free WI-FI, on-site computers, printing services, and items in our library of Things collection ( Discover Passes, Hotspots, and more). The library also offers various programs and activities throughout the year.

  • Annual Summer Library Program June-August
  • Weekly StorytimeTuesdayat 10:30am 
  • Friends of the library meet every 4th Wednesday at 6:00pm 
  • Be sure to check in with them and follow their Facebook page @pateroswalibrary to find out what else is new. 

Patrons may request materials at the library in person or by telephone during business hours. Materials may also be requested online at  Learn more about eBooks and eAudiobooks on the library website. 

Library Hours

Tuesday: 10:00 - 6:00
Wednesday: 2:00 - 6:00
Thursday: 10:00 - 6:00
Friday: 10:00 - 2:00

Saturdays 10:00-2:00

***closed on all major holidays


Librarian: Ana Trejo
Phone: 509-923-2298

Frequently called phone numbers:

These numbers may be of service to you:

Pateros City Hall - 509-923-2571
Pateros Public Works Supervisor -509- 923-2571
Fire District - 509-689-0216
Cemetery Secretary - Sandy Stone 509- 449-0548
Okanogan County Sheriff - Non Emergency - 509-422-7232 / 800-572-6604
Three Rivers Hospital - 509-689-2517 *
After hours City Utility Emergencies - Call City Administrator at 509-449-9670
Alta Lake Golf - 509-923-2359
Alta Lake State Park -509- 923-2473
Bridgeport Landfill - 509-686-4242
BTO Construction - 509-923-2802 *
Dr. Carlson, DDS - 509-923-2250 *
Cascade Biological Supply -509- 923-2326 *
Century 21 Trophy - 509-923-0400
Conn's Automotive - 509-923-1928
Kodi's Noon Saloon - 509-923-9767
Front-Line Real Estate - 509-470-2416
Lakeshore Automotive - 509-923-2729
Lake Pateros Motor Inn - 509-923-2207 *
Lightning Pine RV Park - 509-923-2572
Okanogan PUD - 509-689-2502 *
Pateros Lakeshore Inn -509- 923-9555 *
Pateros Post Office - 509-923-2213
Pateros School - 509-923-2343
Quad City Herald - 509-689-2507
Rivers Restaurant - 509-923-2200 *
Sweet River Bakery - 509-923-2151 *
Super Stop - 509-923-2200 *
Sylvia's Oficina - 509-923-2108
Tangles by Janet - 509-923-2884
Upper Columbia Guide Service -509- 630-5433
Varrelmans Glass - 509-923-2843
Whislin'Pine Ranch - 509-923-2548
Yancey's Hardware - 509-923-2622 *
Zippy Disposal - 509-682-5464
*centennial supporters

We are quite proud of the businesses that Pateros has to offer. Just in the business district alone we have 2 motels, a mini mart, bakery, steak house, a Mexican restaurant, tavern, hardware store, library, video gaming store, construction company, craft distillery, car wash, seamstress, dentist,  a real estate office, and museum. And we are all within walking distance of one another. Check us out!

Snow Plow Routes and Map

The Public Works department takes great pride in keeping the city streets and downtown area cleared of snow. Please bear with the crew of 3, as they work to do their jobs. When snow gets to 3 or 4 inches deep they  start work at 3 am to clean it all up. The heavier the snow fall the longer it takes to get it all.

You can help them in several ways:
  •  Please do not pull in behind a working plow as they can not see you.
  • Do not throw snow out into the road, this creates a dangerous situation for other drivers.
  • There are only so many places to put the snow, so please realize you are not being picked on when the plow leaves snow  behind.
  • Move all vehicles off the roadway if you do not want to be plowed in.
  • If you see the plow working in a parking lot, please use a different lot. Patience is a virtue:)

For more information call city hall or click on the maps

Snow Plow Street Routes   Snow Plow Map Routes