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SETUP CAMP IN PATEROS FOR DAY-ACTIVITIES IN THE OKANOGAN AND METHOW VALLEYS: Play on snow-capped mountains and high deserts. Explore the 1,000 miles of scenic trails, 200 water and wildlife access areas, three million acres of public land, and over 300 days of sunshine in Okanogan Country.
AT CAMP - IN PATEROS: Waterfront hotels & hospitality, bakery, dollar store, armory, convenience, gas, laundry, saloon and more. RV campsites & dump station, camping, free showers & CLEAN restrooms. Library & WIFI, museum & Methow Native Interpretive Center, boat access, day-use parks & mooring, playgrounds, tennis, pickle-ball, and trails. Summer festivals, Movie-in-the-Park & outdoor market.

Welcome to Pateros, I grew up in Pateros and have served as high school coach, fire fighter, EMT, and police officer. I took the oath of office as 31st Mayor of Pateros in January of 2022. My Father, Tom, was the 21st Mayor of Pateros, from 1979 - 1986.

My fondest memories of growing up in Pateros are the hot summers riding my bike around town with my best friend, playing basketball at the tennis courts, and celebrating Pateros at the Apple Pie Jamboree. In the winter I would skate on the Methow, build snow-forts on the football field, or on the coldest days play board games inside with friends. As a family, my wife Nicole and son Kinden call Pateros home and are adding to these great memories. We want our community and visitors to feel at home and peace in Pateros and create great memories with family and friends.  

 -Mayor, Kelly Hook

City of Pateros

Shoreline Management Act

Periodic Review Project


Project Updates

8/16/2022 Website updates to links, documents, dates

7/18/2022 Public Open House and kick-off 


 The City of Pateros is proposing a periodic review and update to the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The City’s initial SMP was approved by the Department of Ecology in September 2012. The SMP is a combined planning and regulatory document that contains the City’s policies, goals, and specific land-use regulations for shorelines and consistent with the Shoreline Management Act (SMA) is intended to balance development, public access, and protection of natural resources and shoreline areas.

Picture1.jpg Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller


What is the Shoreline Management Act (SMA)?

 The shorelines of the state are among the most valuable and fragile of Washington’s natural resources. The SMA was enacted to protect the shorelines uses and development. The SMA is a cooperative program between the local government (City of Pateros) and the state (Department of Ecology). Ecology acts primarily in a supportive and reviewing capacity and must approve SMPs.

What is the Shoreline Management Program (SMP)?

 The SMP is a collection of regulations pertaining to shoreline protection, use, and development. 

What is a Periodic Review?

 The Department of Ecology publishes a checklist of laws and rules each year that require local governments to review its SMP for compliance. 

Where Does the SMA apply?

 The SMA applies to:

  •  All marine waters
  • Streams and rivers with greater than 20 cubic feet per second mean annual flow
  • Lakes 20 acres or larger
  • Upland areas called shorelands extending 200 feet landward from the edge of the water
  • Wetlands and deltas connected to bodies of water
  • 100 year floodplains


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How Can You Participate?

 The goal is to provide the public with timely information, an understanding of the process, and multiple opportunities to review and provide comments before final decisions are made. To participate, you can do any or all of the following:

  •  Sign up for email updates and meeting notices; if you would prefer mail, please provide mailing address. Contact City Hall (509) 923-2571 or email Kerri Wilson to request being added to the notification list. 
  • Read the documents
  • Attend public meetings
  • Share your ideas and comment during the public comment periods
  • Give testimony at public hearings
  • Fill out the survey
  • Fill out the questionnaire
  • Attend the community visioning meeting and provide comments

 The City of Pateros intends on schedule at least three opportunities for the public to engage and provide comments:

  1. Open House - July 18, 2022 5;00 PM Pateros City Hall Council Chambers
  2. Workshop
  3. Community Visioning



Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller  

Project Steps and Milestones – February  2022 – January 2023


City’s Public Participation Schedule

Winter 2022

Determine Scope



Develop Public Participation Plan; Circulate to Community and Stakeholders; Submit to Ecology for Approval



Launch Website


 7/18/2022 5PM Pateros City Hall

Open House



Survey – Mail and/or Online



Community Visioning Workshop & Questionnaire



Present to Community Organizations



Review Amendments and Updates



Review Comprehensive Plans and Regulations



Public Meetings at Pateros City Hall - TENATIVE DATES AND TIMES: September 19, 2022 5PM; December 19, 2022 6PM;  




Public Hearing on Draft Proposal - DECEMBER 2022



City Council Review and Public Hearing - MARCH 2023



Submitted to Ecology for Approval - APRIL 2023



Adoption of Resolution - APRIL 2023












Important Dates

 Check top of page under PROJECT UPDATES for most recent  meeting dates and times. 

Project Overview and Initiate Public Participation May-July 2022

Periodic Review Checklist July-September 2022 (Check under PROJECT UPDATES for public participation opportunities)

Draft Updated Master Program September-October (Initiate Online Review)

Public Review Process November-December 2022 (Public Hearing at December City Council Meeting)

Council Approval of Final Draft (February or March City Council Meeting)

State Approval and Adoption (April 2023)


Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller

 Links to Shoreline Materials


The documents and links below consist of task performed and materials produced as part of the SMP update. Ecology provides grants to communities updating the SMP. Some of the documents are required deliverables as part of the grant agreement with Ecology. Project documents will be uploaded and linked here as they are prepared:


Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller


Contact Us

The primary contacts for the SMP update:

Kurt Danison, Contract Planner


Kerri Wilson, Pateros Clerk- Treasurer




Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller



Reservations for RV and Tent Camping
MUST BE MADE BY PHONE (509) 923-2571

(Self-serve camping. Check availability at Ives Landing Kiosk or call for reservation. Online payment available, but must call to make reservation) 

Reserve a picnic shelter, event space, or the bandstand
Ives Landing Park Map, Check-in Instructions, and Rules/Regulations
Park Fees

Emergency Alert System

Get Signed Up

Please text and OPT-IN so we can alert you.
Text “98846” to 888777
Go to to OPT-IN to alert system.


For City Utility Emergencies 

During regular hours, please call
City Hall (509) 923-2571
After hours or on weekends, please call 
City Administrator - Jord Wilson 449-9670
Sewer Dept. - Mike Lambert 733-0610
Water Dept. - David Hunter 509-860-3009


Snow Events

December 23rd  and each day after until further notice. 


Updated 12/20/2022


Stage 1 Event - 2 or more inches with 4 or more inches anticipated. PARKING RESTRICTIONS

Stage 2 Event - 6 inches with more anticipated. PARKING RESTRICTIONS

Stage 3 Event - More than city crews can keep up with. PARKING RESTRICTIONS

Please read the City Snow Response Plan for more information. 

water_saving_1_inch.jpgWater Conservation Tips

Did you know?
Estimated Faucet Leakage Rates (number of drips)
60 drops/minute=171 gallons/month
90 drops/minute = 257 gallons/month
120 drops/minute = 342 gallons/month
Make sure your home is leak-free. when you are certain that no water is being used, take a reading of the water meter. Wait 30 minutes and then take a second reading. If the meter readings change, you have a leak! You can call Pateros Water Department, 923-2571, if you need help finding your meter. 

FAQ of the Pateros Water Department:

I am putting in a water softener, what is the hardness of Pateros Water?

April 2020 water tests was 294 mg/l or 17.2 gpg

Other IOCs (4.28.2020)

Sodium 20.8 mg/L
Conductivity 649 umhos/cm
Turbidity 0.12 NTU
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 418 mg/L
Magnesium 18.2 mg/L
Calcium 87.9 mg/L

What is the pH of Pateros Water?

pH of 7.2. (A test taken on 6/26/2020 at Pateros Public Works Lab)