Welcome to Pateros

At the Confluence of the Columbia & Methow Rivers

Pateros (pu-TARE-us) is one of North Central Washington's most beautiful communities! We are easy to get to, nestled up against the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains at the confluence of the Mighty Columbia River and the Methow River.

Whether you are just passing through, choosing the perfect vacation destination or looking for a great place to live, we are a cozy year round paradise that offers abundant sunshine, generous snowfall, lakes, rivers, mountains and streams which compliment all activities! After spending time with us, if all goes right, you may just be blissed out, a little sore, sun-kissed and grinning from ear to ear, with the memories that will last long after you leave!


If water is your passion, we have ample opportunities for: boating, swimming, skiing, river rafting, windsurfing, or jet skiing, or maybe you would just like to roll up your pant legs and dip your toes into the refreshing river off one of our eight city docks.

We are the perfect place for grandpa to teach the grand kids how to catch "the big one"! As we have one of the best Steelhead and Salmon fishing seasons in the Pacific Northwest! Bass and Walleye are available year round, and the trout fishing is amazing!

If rest and relaxation is your goal, roam through the countryside close by for: backpacking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, golfing, or wildlife viewing.  Or slow down and pick up a sack lunch  at any of our great eateries and have a casual picnic under one of the park gazebos, or large shady trees.

We are just minutes from horseback riding, or snowmobiling, all on hundreds of miles of back country trails, but remember to take your camera as the vistas are unbelievable!

If this sounds too primitive, we also offer a variety of motel accommodations. Whether you want to be pampered, eat a gourmet meal, and enjoy a wine tasting of some of our local wines or BBQ with Fido, we can handle it!

Our family owned businesses and eating establishments are within a short walking distance along our pedestrian mall. Great food, drinks, artisan pastries and a craft distillery are all close at hand. During the warmer months, there's even live music on weekends out under the trees, that the whole family can sit and enjoy.

For the history buffs, we have a walking trail that meanders through town and down along the Memorial Park, with pictures and stories about the good old days and the "Old Pateros" and area. We have a  new museum at city hall which offers even more insight into the past, and has a "Where's Waldo" game for the kids to play.

Also for the kids, we have two parks with play ground equipment, a designated swim area with dock, and now a new splash pad on the pedestrian mall for those really warm days!

So remember, we aren't big, or flashy. Just about any evening during the summer, you will find grandma and grandpa sitting on the porch, mom and dad walking hand in hand down the street, and kids out riding their bikes. That's who we are! But if that's what you're looking for....why are you waiting?

Come make lasting memories in Pateros ! Where paradise awaits!

For City Utility Emergencies  after hours or on weekends, please call  City Superintendent Dale Parks at 509-923-2620 or 509-679-8795