Welcome to Pateros

At the Confluence of the Columbia & Methow Rivers

Pateros (pu-TARE-us) is one of North Central Washington's most beautiful communities! We are easy to get to, nestled up against the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains at the confluence of the Mighty Columbia River and the Methow River.

Whether you are just passing through, choosing the perfect vacation destination or looking for a great place to live, we are a cozy year round paradise that offers abundant sunshine, generous snowfall, lakes, rivers, mountains and streams which compliment all activities! After spending time with us, if all goes right, you may just be blissed out, a little sore, sun-kissed and grinning from ear to ear, with the memories that will last long after you leave!

Volunteers in Pateros have organized a “Make a Difference Day” for October 25th and have invited volunteers to join them in making a difference for those affected by the fire.  Carlene Anders, Executive Director of the Pateros Long Term Recovery Organization, stated that they have over 200 volunteers and at this time no other volunteers are needed for this event.   Stay tuned for pictures !

For City Utility Emergencies  after hours or on weekends, please call  City Superintendent Dale Parks at 509-923-2620 or 509-679-8795


Fall Clean up, November 7th through November 12th, 2014